Exporting Comments

As a website owner, you own the data. You can export it to migrate to another platform or backup your data.

How to Export

  1. Go to the Console
  2. Choose the current website
  3. Go to "Import & Export" section
  4. Navigate to the Export subsection.
  5. Click "Export" button.

Exporting might take some time. Make sure not to close the tab until the file is downloaded.

  • All the pages will be exported.
  • Only the last 25,000 comments will be exported.

If you have more than 25,000 comments, please contact us via email.

Export File Format

The export file is in JSON format. All the major programming languages support JSON. Therefore, you can easily manipulate the data.

    "pages": [
            "hyvor_talk_id": 50,
            "id": "/page",
            "url": "https://example.com/page",
            "time": 1520053478,
            "title": "Example Page"
        // more page objects
    "comments": [
            "hyvor_talk_id": 340,
            "webpage_hyvor_talk_id": 50,
            "reply_to_comment_hyvor_talk_id": null,
            "comment": "Here's an example comment",
            "time": 1520063428,
            "user_name": "John",
            "user_picture": "https://example.com/static/john.png"
        // more comment objects

Page Object

Key Value Description
hyvor_talk_id int ID of the page in the Hyvor Talk database
id string ID of each page set by you (See manual installation)
url string URL of the page
time int Created time - UNIX timestamp in seconds
title string Title of the page

Comment Object

Key Value Description
hyvor_talk_id int ID of the comment
webpage_hyvor_talk_id int ID of the page where the comment is publised
reply_to_comment_hyvor_talk_id int or null If the comment is a reply, the hyvor_talk_id of the parent comment. Otherwise, null
comment string Raw comment
time int Published time - Unix timestamp in seconds
user_name string Name of the user
user_picture string URL of the user's avatar