Changing the Language

You can change the language of your comments section as described here. Note that if you use a Right-to-left (RTL) language, the UI will be changed automatically.

Supported Languages

Thanks to our contributors, Hyvor Talk is available in the following languages.

Language Code
English (United States) - (Default) en-us
Spanish (Spain) es
Portuguese (Portugal) pt
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-br
Czech cs
Dutch nl
Italian it
French (Standard) fr
Korean ko
Hungarian hu
Farsi fa
Vietnamese vi
Russian ru
German de
German (Switzerland) de-ch
Swedish sv
Polish pl
Greek el
Arabic ar
Danish da
Indonesian id
Romanian ro
Finnish fi
Turkish tr
Norwegian Bokmål nb
Catalan ca
Kannada kn
Slovak sk
Slovenian sl
Hebrew he
Chinese (Simplified) zh-cn
Bangali bn

Changing the language of a website

  • Navigate to the Community section in the console.
  • Scroll down to Language dropdown, select a language, and save.

Changing the language of a single page

Add language: LANGUAGE_CODE to HYVOR_TALK_CONFIG in the embed code.

    url: false,
    id: false,
    language: 'es' // <--

Here language:es is used for Spanish. You can use any language code from the above table.


Anyone who has a Hyvor account can contribute to translate Hyvor Talk into different languages.

  • Log in to your Hyvor account.
  • Navigate to the Hyvor Talk translation dashboard.
  • Read the given instructions.
  • Translate words and phrases.
  • Add the commit message (explain what you did) and submit.
  • We will check and approve the translation as soon as possible.

PS: All the translators who translate Hyvor Talk to a new language are eligible for a generous discount for the premium plan. Contact us for more details.

Our Contributors

These volunteers helped us with translating Hyvor Talk into different languages.