Changing the Language

You can change the language of your comments section as described here. Note that if you use a Right-to-left (RTL) language, the UI will be changed automatically.

Supported Languages

Thanks to our contributors, Hyvor Talk is available in the following languages.

Language Code
English (United States) - (Default) en-us
Spanish (Spain) es
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-br
Czech cs
Dutch nl
Italian it
French (Standard) fr
Korean ko
Hungarian hu
Farsi fa
Vietnamese vi
Russian ru
German de
German (Switzerland) de-ch
Swedish sv
Polish pl
Arabic ar
Danish da
Indonesian id
Romanian ro
Finnish fi
Turkish tr
Norwegian Bokmål nb
Catalan ca
Kannada kn
Slovak sk
Hebrew he
Chinese (Simplified) zh-cn
Bangali bn

Changing the language of a website

  • Navigate to the Community section in the console.
  • Scroll down to Language dropdown, select a language, and save.

Changing the language of a single page

Add language: LANGUAGE_CODE to HYVOR_TALK_CONFIG in the embed code.

    url: false,
    id: false,
    language: 'es' // <--

Here language:es is used for Spanish. You can use any language code from the above table.


Anyone who has a Hyvor account can contribute to translate Hyvor Talk into different languages.

  • Log in to your Hyvor account.
  • Navigate to the Hyvor Talk translation dashboard.
  • Read the given instructions.
  • Translate words and phrases.
  • Add the commit message (explain what you did) and submit.
  • We will check and approve the translation as soon as possible.

PS: All the translators who translate Hyvor Talk to a new language are eligible for a generous discount for the premium plan. Contact us for more details.

Our Contributors

These volunteers helped us with translating Hyvor Talk into different languages.